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The Center for Research, Evaluation, and Assessment (CREA) is a major academic center that provides expert, nonpartisan program and education policy evaluation and assessment services for decision-makers in national, state, and local organizations. The Center also provides expert consultation on research design (quantitative and qualitative) for UNLV and non-UNLV researchers.

1. Design & Planning

CREA offers evaluation design and planning services within several sectors and focus areas. These services are customized to each project that CREA undertakes to provide the most extensive and effective research designs.

2. Data Services

Extensive data services for research and evaluation are provided by a team that specializes in data collection and analysis. Services include data cleaning, analysis, and validation that can be applied to several research and evaluation projects.

3. Analysis and Evaluation

CREA can assist with data collection and tool design. Experienced researchers can create custom data collection tools and provide on the ground, local data collection that is tailored to meet the needs of each project.

4. Communication

CREA offers detailed communication services to assist with data and findings reporting to meet the needs of all audiences. These services include report writing, management, and data visualization tools.